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   EXPIRATION DATE - The expiration date is written above the UPIC code and is the end date until the product can be used.


   UPIC code is deciphered as UNIQUE PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION CODE. Every product has a UPIC code that is composed of a combination of numbers, letters and uppercase letters that is always unique for every product. This code is used for the identification and the distinction between the original product from a fake one.

   PACKAGING WITH SP LOGO    Package - The injectable products always have the SP  Laboratories logo on the vials, packed in a protective film, the name is designed with different colors and the rubber stopper has the SP Logo, the name of the product and different color depending on the product.


   Name of the product is designed with different colors and is written with uppercase letters for oral medicines.

   Active substance - right under the name of the product it has to be the active substance name with the respective potency.

   Blue SP Logo - SP Laboratories has a blue logo, a blue plus sign designed in a blue circle. This logo is always set first and then is followed by the "SP Laboratories" brand name.


   Name of the product - injectable products have the product name designed with different colors with no uppercase letters written.

   Active substance - the active substance and the potency of the medicine are written right under the product name, the active substance name is with black color, but the potency is written in the same color with the product name.

   Right under active substance is the link to the SP Laboratories website.